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Want to protect your secret files from being accessed by family members, friends or coworkers? Privacy will no longer be an issue once you checkout this amazing 'File Locker' App. This utility app allows you to hide images, videos & audio files.

Hides all Gallery files in a secret folder.
Password protects all your data.
Hides your personal Contacts from intruders.
Locks multiple Contacts, 5 Images, 1 Video & 1 Audio file

Get it NOW to experience protection with perfection!

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arshad khan - 19.03.15
i love mohini
x x xx x xx x x - 29.12.14
zavlas randya mhashicya fodyak
Girls - 28.12.14
Koi ladki muhase wana chahatti hai to yahi per message lik de aur bahut app hai
Dada - 2.09.14
file loker very poor
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